Fear and Pain

by Carey Burtt

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Stupid bullshit slapped together in a day.
Waste of time


released July 29, 2017



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Carey Burtt New York, New York

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Track Name: There's No Blue in the Word
Nothingness - a place to rest
Free from pain - and worthlessness
Truth it hurts - but hurt ain't true
There's no blue in the worden blue

There's not truth in the lies we say
There's no work in the work we play
The only answer? - to be true
To do the good that you can do

Thinking all day - gathering facts
Doesn't matter - until we act
Actions tell us who we are
Thinking only goes so far

If we don't act - then we don't live
If we don't learn - to love and give
Give away - all that we crave
Helps us to - avoid the grave

Rediscover wonder when
You learn to unlearn what you can
Unlearn all you thought you knew
Then see the world as babies do

Enemies might become friends
Meanings shift, begin and end
Passions in and out of mind
Through it all please do be kind
Track Name: What Does True Love Feel Like?
What does true love feel like?
Like noting there at all
True love gives you freedom
To be both great and small

True love gives you perspective
Without a trace of fear
True love feels very boring
A tender boredom dear

A sweetness tiny fabric
A full embrace of life
A life absent of terror
A life peaceful and right

But grand with love expansive
But very dull indeed
To be exactly what it is
It all starts with a seed

A seed of self acceptance
That sweeps out every fear
Till only love remains
And then I disappear

When I no longer exist
When I"m no longer here
Life goes on without me
A life absent of fear

So life goes on without me
Without me it's revealed
To be the truest form
My consciousness is heals

Life explodes before me
Explodes without a sound
Life is not about me
And miracles abound
Track Name: Satan Says
Satan says I'm worthless
Satan says I'm unloved
Satan says I'm a failure
Satan says smell the glove

Satan says nobody likes me
Satan says lovers lie
Satan says nothing matter
Satan says we all die

God says do no harm
God says bless your friends
God says you have free will
God makes no demands

Satan's never happy
Satan goes too far
God says please be grateful
Loves you as you are

Satan people pleases
Lies manipulates
Satan uses love
To mask his inner hate

Satan is the selfish
Satan you can't trust
Satan says he loves you
When he feels only lust

Satan hates himself
But he doesn't know it
He's got a role on earth
But he's here to blow it

Satan has no friends
Satan has no home
Satan's only out for himself
He will die alone

Pain might wake you up one day
To see god's point of view
Pain can be a teacher
If we know what to do

God is not a person
God's a point of view
Satan's not a person
Neither me or you

Nothing supernatural
Is happening on earth
Metaphors to mend
The hurting that you hurt
Track Name: I Don't Like God's Earthly Plan
I don't like god's earthly plan
But I can't keep on fighting, man
What the hell is on his mind
When he allows cruel to be kind?

But I can't fight god anymore
I always lose and hurt much more
When I surrender and allow
His will I get some peace somehow

When I accept the world and more
And list what I am grateful for
I realize I'm on his path
And focus on my happiness

When I fight will all my bull
I waste my time on powerful
Forces far greater than me
I suffer all in vain you see

If I give up on fixing you
I see what I am here to do
And I'm not here to fix the world
I'm here to love each boy and girl

But I don't like god's earthly plan
But I don't want to fight again
I want some peace and so does he
So peace be with you infinitely
Track Name: The Devil Delivers
I served the devil and the devil delivers
Now I serve the lord
The devil gave me material much but I got bummed and bored
The lord gives me comfort no stuff can provide
The devil make me wealthy but the devil lied

He said I'd be happy if I got my stuff but material gain was never enough
The hole in my soul of selfishness
The me me me and fuck the rest
It left me alone and left me dead
Hurting and suicidal instead

That I didn't care for anyone else
Wasn't too good for my spirit or health
My selfishness it left me alone
Without any friends without a home
But I found a home with some people who felt
That giving to others beat giving to self

That people pleasing was different than
That giving that gives from a heart bigger than
A heart that's been healed, forgiven, renewed
A heart that's protected by love's point of view
A heart that is humble, grateful and full
A heart that is hip to the devil's bull

But the devil provides if you do your will
If you need a house or to pay a bill
So get up and do it all by yourself
Get that great job
Get that hot milf
The devil can help you materially
But god will fill you spiritually
So both play a part in this fallen world
For all of god's children
The boys and the girls
Track Name: False Evidence Appearing Real
False evidence appearing real
Don't make doom your only meal
Don't make fear your future plan
Make time for the joy at hand

Don't take life so seriously
Take time out to shit and pee
Shit out the lifes
Pee out the bull
There's joy in life
And life is full

Of kindness toward your fellow man
Be the one who's faster than
The merchants of fear who count on us
To despair and just give up

Our neighbors in the house next door
They feel the pain but think it's more
From our side than the side they're on
But crimes all come from top to down

False evidence appearing real
They want us all to blow the deal
Throw up our hands and give up rights
Don't despair stand up and fight

Divide us and hope we give in
To all their plans of greed and sin
And think it's all the fault next door
When it's the top and not the floor
Track Name: We're Flawed
We’re flawed
And so is God
God hates
And makes mistakes

God loves
And makes disease
God’s flawed
And so are we

God’s will
Is to kill
The healthy
And the ill

God hates
And he creates
Like us
He masturbates

We’re flawed
And so is god
We have the will to live
We have the will to die
We all have to forgive