Risking Redux 2017

by Carey Burtt

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Remix of old.


released July 29, 2017



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Carey Burtt New York, New York

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Track Name: Here I Am (2017)
I am the only one here
I am doing to die
Nothing has anything to do with anything
Track Name: Risking Life and Limb (2017)
I hate my job
I hate my wife
I hate my friends
I hate my life

I hate the world
I hate this girl
I hate my hair
Cuz it ain't there

I hate the moon
I hate the stars
I hate this room
I hate the cars

I hate the street
I hate to mee
The drunks that
Stumble off their feet

But I'm riskin' life and limb for to boogie down
And I'm making love and sin in my birthday suit now

I hate this fat
I hate disease
I hate a party I have to leave
I hate sports fans
I hate a plan
I hate a deadline I have to meet

I hate confusion
I hate lies
I hate choosin'
Takin' sides
I hate November
Hate the heat
I hate the smell of smelly feet

But I'm riskin' life and limb for to boogie down
And I'm makin' love and sin in my birthday suit now

I love the sun
I love the earth
Give me some fun
Give me some mirth

I love to eat
I love my feet
I love the light
That shines on me

I love my job
I love my wife
I love friends
I love my life

I love world
I love this girl
I love my hair
Cuz it ain't there

And I'm riskin' life and limb for to boogie down
And I'm makin' love and sin in my birthday suit now

I'm ready to fall in love
I'm ready to sin above
Track Name: Statement of Fact (2017)
You act like you’re a statement of fact
But you’re a fiction
You act like you’re consistent but
You are a contradiction

You get others to follow
But you will never last long
You think that what you’re doing is right
But you are so wrong

You think that you can fix everything
But you’re a fuck up
You sink and try to act like your humble
But you are stuck up

You’re brain is overloaded with facts
But you know nothing
About the way to world really acts
You’re full of stuffing

Solid Ground
Can’t be found
Anywhere around you

You are bound
To be found
Out to be
The phony dude
We always knew you to be

Can’t you see
Can’t you see
That she is a liar

Born to be
Can’t you see
That the flames
Are getting higher

You think you’re powerful
but in fact you are a weakling
Crybaby wants his freedom
Attacks what he is seeking
Control is what you’re after
of those who are around you
We’re here to set you free
but as yet we haven’t found you

Puffing up Nothing but
Phony bravado
Beat your chest Like the rest
You’re set to auto-pilot
Track Name: Just Because (2017)
Just because your mother hated you
Don’t mean ya gotta hate yourself
Just because your brother hated you
Don’t mean ya gotta hate yourself
Just because your father hated you
Don’t mean ya gotta hate yourself

You’re wonderful inside without their fucking stupid lies

Your parents died--Oh long before the day you were conceived.
Been better off without them but they all refused to leave

They offered you a coffin and they told you to get in
(You were) just a little boy or girl but you can’t let them win


So decorate that coffin just like a discoteque
And build a home out of the wood with
Love and Self respect.

And let the dead bury the dead
Like Zarathustra said
And leave the creeps behind
Who tried to kill your loving mind


So leave that fucking home today
Far from that fucking hated place
That some fat douchebag called a home
Where you cried, frightened all alone
Where you felt like a worthless shit
Home’s not the fucking word for it
You didn’t get what you deserved
Home was abusive and absurd


Now that you know your life’s at stake
You need to get fully awake
And rip the scales off from your eyes
Refuse their bitter hopeless lies

Find friends who will love you for you
And choose the family that you choose
Somewhere to share all of your pain
And heal and be reborn again
And maybe you will change your name
Everything's changed but it's the same


There’s power in irrational
In chaos every wish fulfilled
It’s easy and impossible
The cup is never empty/full

I know who I am
And I’m not them
Or what they thought they saw in me
Or didn’t see that I could be
Or saw it but they did not believe
What we’ve achieved
Track Name: If I'm That Lucky (2017)
Seeing you in the sky
As I gaze upon this cloud
Loving you is the why
I am sitting here out loud

Your breath breathes into my veins
Without you I’m just not the same
Life here has no meaning
Without your eyes beaming

The hope that I feel
When I see you is teeming

Never felt so alive as when you
Enter my deep thoughts
Gives my life such a drive
And teaches me what I need taught

Your face inspires me to go on
Gives faith to someone who’s rather on

The hope I have now
Was without for many years before
Sustains me in a way I can’t explain
Gets me through pain I endure

I fly past the lies
That the world delivers daily
With you by my side
I can face the fear of Hades

I’m blessed you are here
For as long as I love you
Forever and a year
If I’m that lucky to have you